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Danni Rech

Director & Pilates Practitioner

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (NPT)

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Dance

Advanced Diploma of Dance

Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) Principal Member 


Danni, the director of on-Core Pilates Studio, is an ex-professional Dancer originally from Sydney. She lived, studied & performed in Germany for 5 years after training with & attaining an Advanced Diploma of Dance with the Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy.  

She then finished her dancing career with a contract as a soloist dancer on a prestigious cruise ship, “The Jewel of the Seas” with Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines. 

Danni received a BA (Hons) Dance degree from the University she was on scholarship at, in Germany & speaks German!  She has also taught Zumba, many forms of dancing & choreographed for dance schools in Sydney. 


After performing around the World, Danni decided to move to Melbourne in 2010 where she completed her proper Clinical/Studio Pilates Diploma Certification. This was always something she wanted to do & suddenly it became her new passion. 

With an exuberant, approachable & passionate nature towards her job as a Pilates practitioner, she hopes to enlighten all your lives further into the Pilates method while aiming to help you achieve your ultimate goals & ideally be pain-free. Your results with a positive attitude, just coming in to help you, your lifestyle & health, is why she loves her job so much.


Danni has a keen interest in working with Pre & Post Natal clients, children & teens as well as aspiring athletes & dancers, especially injury rehabilitation-wise, helping condition their bodies, tone, cross-train and taking budding Ballerinas for their Pre-Pointe Assessments. Danni had a full patella-femoral knee reconstruction herself after completely rupturing her medial ligament & dislocating her patella on her left knee twice back when she was dancing in Europe. Learning to walk again & having to start dancing from scratch was probably one of the most difficult times of her life, hence her dedication in helping people post-injury rehab & assisting dancers + athletes achieve their future aspirations by avoiding injuries.


The clients who also continue to inspire Danni are those who have experienced a neurological deficit. She has worked with clients who have cerebral palsy, MS, Parkinson's disease & post-stroke victims. Making sure her clients walk out of the studio feeling better & happier than when they walked in before their session is her constant mission.


She also loves nothing more than being a Mum to her 2 young daughters, Evie & Maya, who are her everything.

"Making a difference in peoples' wellbeing, their posture, strength & confidence, makes me the happiest person. I really care for every single client who starts coming into the Studio for classes. My phenomenal team of Instructors share the same passion & drive as I do. I believe that Pilates is for anyBODY & anyone. I love that it is a non-competitive environment where you learn to flourish on accepting & just being your incredible "only one of you" self.  Exploring how our own unique bodies can do some amazing things once we put our mind to task & watching/hearing how Pilates can benefit you, just highlights how sensational this method really is. 

Welcome to my little boutique Studio in Upwey!"




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