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Erin McKenzie

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (National Pilates Training)

Erin is so excited to officially be on board after many months of observations and shadow teaching at the Studio!


She's always loved the idea that movement is medicine and how it can change the feeling within your whole body. Erin has been involved in a lot of sports over the years and experimented with many modalities of training and exercise but loves how technical the Pilates method is and the focus on both the mind and body. 


She has a passion for health and fitness and helping others feel the best they can. What she loves about the Pilates method is its versatility and how it compliments so many aspects of our lives. It can be super-mindful but also hard work. Erin likes to find a balance between a movement like meditation, feeling grounded and connected in our mind and body as well as building strength and endurance, to find a sense of balance and alignment. 


Outside of Pilates, you'll see her planning some sort of adventure - she was recently in the process of transforming a 4WD into the ultimate mobile home so she can explore the beautiful Country we live in.


"So grateful to officially be a part of the team, working alongside amazing passionate instructors and our beautiful community of on-Core. Erin xx"


"Erin is an absolute delight - someone I feel is well beyond her young years & a very mature, dedicated Instructor to have working in the Studio. She is quite popular already amongst the clients who have gotten to know her whilst she did her observation & shadow teaching hours in the Studio. She will listen to your needs whilst addressing what you'd like to improve together with giving you an overall workout. I see so much potential in this gorgeous girl & look forward to watching her learn & grow as she continues to take lots of different clientele." ~Danni


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