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Gentle Pilates Chair Class - Over 65s

This class is designed to provide a safe, gentle workout using the Pilates method done seated & standing. The aim of this class is  to help keep your body stronger for longer with functional exercise & practical movement that can be applied to every day life activities.

Exercises are designed to be suitable for all participants & are strictly taught/ supervised by a qualified Practitioner.

A strong focus on strengthening those 'core' muscles with special attention given to the all important Pelvic Floor muscles.

Learn how to use your body more efficiently & feel those neural pathways in your brain develop & branch out. This safe method of exercise will improve how your body will feel & move.

A fun class - you will meet other participants or you can bring your friends along - why not enjoy a warm drink or some lunch at a nearby cafe afterwards.

You can purchase a 10 pass or pay casually. Only 10 participants maximum in this class.

This class currently runs on a Wednesday at 11.30am with an incredible bunch of ladies!

Concession special rates for these classes: $165 for a 10 pass or $18/session.

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