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Personalised Pilates Home Programs
Personalised Pilates Program for home which includes videos to match all your exercises
Upgrade (with videos for any new exercises) - recommended to get this done monthly

If you are interested in having a Personalised Home Pilates Program for you to use as an extra exercise regime in conjunction with your classes at the Studio or if you only want this alone due to not being able to get to the Studio/you may live far away, then please contact me on: 0422918153 or email:

I will then ask you exactly what Pilates props you own at home, how your body is & what your goals are....then create a program that will include videos to match the exercises, especially for you. 

Whenever you want an upgrade of some new exercises/a change of your program, then just let me know & I will get that ready for you.

Concession rates are for;

Pensioners/ Students/ Healthcare card holders/ Disability/ Veterans


All classes are 1 hour in length with the exception of  

Virtual Mat classes that aren't also being undertaken in the Studio & Kids/Teenagers Classes.

These are 45 minutes in duration.

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