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Greg Berry

Diploma of Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology

(Tensegrity Training) 

Greg had been a tradie for 30 years, which like most tradies slowly wears out the body. He then suffered a back injury at the start of 2022 to 3 spinal discs while working. Pilates was recommended as a way to strengthen his body and relieve the stress on his spine.


Greg's injury caused pressure on the nerves, which in turn caused alternating numbness or pain down the entire length of his right leg and lower back. Surgeons told him that he would have to live with some level of pain for the rest of his life. Pilates was suggested as a way to possibly ease the pain, but surgery was recommended.


Greg chose Pilates and within a few short weeks he could already feel the benefits within his body, and fell in love with the Pilates philosophy. He decided a sea change was needed. He has completed his Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology with Tensegrity Training.


Greg has benefited first hand from the power of Pilates, and understands the journey that can be required to rehabilitate an injury. His Pilates journey has been so successful to date that his surgeon no longer thinks he will need an operation. 


Greg loves to help people along their own personal Pilates journey, to feel good within their own bodies, and loves to teach people about Pilates philosophies, breathing and mindfulness.

Greg is a husband & wonderful dedicated father to 3 children. He has the empathy & compassion needed in this line of work.

"Thanks to Pilates I am pain free most days, and have found a love of Movement, Strength and Mobility in my daily life".

"Greg was very well respected & liked by all of us at on-Core the minute we met him. Once he started officially teaching, there has been endless positive feedback from clientele that have had the pleasure of being taught by him. I feel Greg will only continue to grow within his new career but that he is already a real asset to have in Upwey. I feel very privileged to have him as part of the team & look forward to seeing him continue to be a powerful & influential Pilates Instructor to those lucky enough to have him teach them." ~ Danni


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