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Pilates Matwork Classes

These classes consist of only 10 people maximum, but you are not recommended to participate in these if injured, disabled or pregnant (with the exception of prenatal specific mat classes & those clients who are pregnant but have been doing pilates for a while - your instructor will modify the classes to suit anyone who is pre-natal). You need to be able to comfortably get down onto the floor & up from the floor to attend these classes.

The matwork classes are all suited to different levels & your instructor will progress/ regress/ modify when needed. Any newbies in a session will be explained the important aspects (Breathing, Core understanding & Neutral Spine + Neutral Pelvis) of Pilates at the beginning/during their first class.

These classes are challenging but fun & sometimes incorporate lots of small apparatus to mix up the workout. All exercises are done on a mat which is provided by on-Core Pilates Studio.

You can purchase a block of 10 or 20 or pay casually. 

Special Price of $30 if doing two Mat or Barre classes per week = $15 per class.

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