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Pre-Pointe Assessments

In conjunction with Danni's past career as a professional dancer & her utmost concern + further studies into understanding the anatomical & physiological aspects needed to perfect the dancer's body & technique before starting èn pointe, she would like to share her knowledge, understanding & passion with personalised programs for the young aspiring dancer.

Going onto pointe is an exciting time in a dancer's life but a crucial time in relation to making sure this process is safe & injury-free. To guarantee this progression is smooth, Danni will work with your dance teacher to ensure an effective transition. 

Going en pointe should be taken very seriously with careful consideration as you want this progression to be a very safe & successful one. After your session, regardless of whether you are ready to head out & purchase those pointe shoes or not, we will be giving you a list of exercises to do in order to continue to help improve your technique & safely strengthen your body in conjunction with a report/letter to your Ballet Teacher to explain how your assessment went. 

You can then decide whether you would like to continue coming into the Studio to work on improving your technique & core strength combining Pilates exercises specific to benefiting your Ballet training plus helping to avoid potential injuries or, if not quite ready for Pointe work as yet but not able to come along, you will be required to come back to be re-assessed after working hard in your ballet classes, 4-6 weeks after your assessment. 

More than just having strong feet & ankles!

In your Pre-Pointe Assessment, Danni will assess & review your posture and facilities from head to toe to ensure a perfectly aligned, strong progression onto pointe is achieved;

  • Posture Analysis

  • Turnout Range - hips & lower legs.

  • Foot + Ankle Strength, stability & mobility.

  • Knee strength - VMO, Glute awareness, hyperextension, flexibility tests.

  • Core Stability

  • Strength

  • Classical Ballet Technique

  • Use of Pilates Equipment to examine muscle recruitment & strength to aid in proper muscle development & balance through the body.

Minimum age to commence pointe work is 11 years and students must be attending a minimum of 3 classical ballet classes weekly in order to maintain the technique and strength required.

Please wear clothing you would usually wear for a ballet class with convertible tights as you will be mainly assessed in bare feet. Please do bring your ballet shoes/demi pointes along & a jacket if you get cold. You will also need socks, preferably grippy ones if you have these, when using the Pilates equipment.

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