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Mums & Bubs Pilates Classes

These are classes in which you can bring your gorgeous "little bundles of joy" along to.

For those new mums wanting to join this class, your babies must be preferably unable to walk, though we will not stop you from joining if you feel your baby/toddler will happily sit, not be too disruptive so "Mummy" can at least get in some movement! These classes, which focus on thoroughly helping to regain your strength post partum, work on your balance & get you moving again safely, are nice & challenging, so baby or not, you can come alone & get a good enough workout.

Some exercises will involve Mum & Baby with others having them either in their bassinet/capsule or on the mats in front of your own one which will have a baby wrap towel on top/in the playpen that will be out for them. Please bring a blanket along if you want your cherubs to be more comfortable. All exercises can be done without your baby so if your baby is sleeping throughout the class or just comfortable & happy where you don't want to move them, then that is absolutely fine.

8 Mums maximum for these classes.

​Classes are 1 hour in duration & cost the same as Matwork & other Classes prices & don't forget the two per week Special for $30.

12 hour cancellation policy exception: Makeups are given in circumstances as we know it isn't easy if your baby is sick.

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