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Studio Equipment Pilates Sessions:

These are classes that use a combination of exercises on the mat & on the pilates apparatus/machines - Reformers, Cadillac, High Barrel, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector etc. to achieve the ultimate core strengthening, safe, enjoyable workout done in a personalised environment.


Whether you are wanting a safe workout that becomes a part of your life forever, you're injured,

pre or postnatal, recovering after or suffering with, a neurological defect or your athletic/dance ability needs improvement, these are the sessions you want to implement into your life.


Your group classes will consist of only 4 clients maximum where you each complete your own instructed individual exercises in the hour.


Private Sessions, Duo Sessions & Group Sessions are available after completion of your compulsory private Initial Consultation.


All Sessions are 1 hour in duration.


*** $10 off for referring a client ***


- Cash, Bank Transfer, Online payment through Bookings Essential  or card payment facilities in Studio, available.

- 20, 10 or 5 class passes or pay as you go, casual payment options.

- New $50 Special as of 2018 for 2 Studio Equipment (4:1) Group Sessions per week - Only $25/class!

If wanting to do more than 2, the $25 per Session rate will still of course apply.



There is a strict 12 hour late cancellation policy for all classes.


This is in place to help minimise disruption to every client & as a basic courtesy to our instructors. Emergencies & certain circumstances are taken into consideration.


Please be aware that if it is under the 12 hours before your scheduled class time in which you late cancel, you will forfeit the full fee. 


Pilates Matwork Classes:

These classes consist of only 10 people maximum, but you are not recommended to participate in these if injured, disabled or pregnant (with the exception of prenatal specific mat classes & those clients who are pregnant but have been doing pilates for a while - your instructor will modify the classes to suit anyone who is pre-natal). You need to be able to comfortably get down onto the floor & up from the floor to attend these classes.


The matwork classes are all suited to different levels & your instructor will progress/ regress/ modify when needed. Any newbies in a session will be explained the important aspects (Breathing, Core understanding & Neutral Spine + Neutral Pelvis)  of Pilates at the beginning/during their first class.


These classes are challenging but fun & sometimes incorporate lots of small apparatus to mix up the workout. All exercises are done on a mat which is provided by on-Core Pilates Studio.


Classes are 1 hour in duration.


You can purchase a block of 10 or 20 or pay casually. 


12 hour cancellation policy applies. See above.

New Special as of 2018: $28 if doing two Mat or Barre classes per week = $14 per class.


'Mums & Bubs' Pilates Classes:

These are classes in which you can bring your gorgeous "little bundles of joy" along to.


For those new mums wanting to join this class, your babies must

be preferably unable to walk, though we will not stop you from joining if you feel your baby/toddler will happily sit, not be too disruptive so "Mummy" can at least get a workout! These classes, which focus on thoroughly helping to regain your strength post partum, work on your balance & get you moving again safely, are nice & challenging, so baby or not, you can come alone & get a good enough workout!


Some exercises will involve Mum & Baby with others having them either in their bassinet/ capsule or on the mats that will be out for them with your mats behind. Please bring a blanket along if you want your cherubs to be more comfortable. All exercises can be done without your baby so if your baby is sleeping throughout the class or just comfortable & happy where you don't want to move them, then that is absolutely fine!


10 Mums maximum for these classes.

Classes are 1 hour in duration & cost the same as Matwork & other Classes prices & don't forget the 2 per week Special for $28.


Bookings essential!

12 hour cancellation policy applies. Makeups are given in circumstances as we know it isn't easy if your baby is sick!


Gentle Pilates Chair Class - Over 65s:

This class is designed to provide a safe, gentle workout using the Pilates method done seated & standing. The aim of this class is  to help keep your body stronger for longer with functional exercise & practical movement that can be applied to every day life activities.

Exercises are designed to be suitable for all participants & are strictly taught/ supervised by a qualified Practitioner.

A strong focus on strengthening those 'core' muscles with special attention given to the all important Pelvic Floor muscles.

Learn how to use your body more efficiently & feel those neural pathways in your brain develop & branch out. This safe method of exercise will improve how your body will feel & move.

A fun class - you will meet other participants or you can bring your friends along - why not enjoy a warm drink or some lunch at a nearby cafe afterwards!

Class goes for 1 hour in duration & you can purchase a 10 pass or pay casually. Only 10 participants maximum in this class. Bookings essential.

This class currently runs on a Wednesday at 11.10am with an incredible bunch of ladies!


Barre Fitness Classes:

These are new classes starting in 2018 & are a combination of Pilates, Dance & Fitness.

A Ballet Barre is used with balls & therabands.

Barre Classes are a low impact, high intensity workout combining the best of all the things from standing pilates work, short cardio intervals, to dance moves in a ballet class. The class is accessible for everybody and all levels of fitness.

With the flowing sequences in a Barre Class you will feel like your body is re-aligned, balanced and centered. Best of all you will feel more connected to your body, giving you a sense of self and confidence which can be only be ignited through the joy of movement.

10 participants maximum for this class.

You can pay casually or purchase a 10 or 20 pass.

The 12 hour cancellation policy applies here as well.

Bookings essential!

Mums & Bubs Barre Classes:

This is just a normal Barre Class (read all info relating to this above) but you are welcome to bring your babies to these classes.

You must bring a bassinet to have them in/ they can be on the mats if preferred as they will not be used during the workout for certain exercises. You must also bring a baby carrier if you'd prefer to wear your baby whilst working out. 

There will be a playpen for those already crawling babies & toys to play with inside the studio.

Only 10 maximum per class.

Class goes for 1 hour in duration.

Bookings essential!

POP Pilates Classes:

Pop Pilates is fun, powerful and full of passion as body defining moves are choreographed to top 40 hits.  The Pilates fundamentals of breathing, core engagement and powerhouse movements  are combined with the beat of the music to create a unique "dance on the mat" exercise program.


The program originated in the U.S.A.  by Cassey Ho and is now brought to you by Liz Mulvany who trained in this style in 2017 . This class is suitable for all levels as every movement is tailored to each individual.

Bookings essential. Only 10 maximum per class.

PILAtinies,  PILAtweens & PILAteens Classes:

These new classes designed specifically for kids & teenagers will commence in 2021!! 

There will be 3 different age groups with these classes for School aged children & they will run for 45 minutes;

1. PILAtinies for ages 5-8

2. PILAtweens for ages 9-12

3. PILAteens for ages 13-18

Classes will cost $15 if paying casually or you can buy a block of 10 (usually a School term) for $100. Only $10 per class:-)

We can't wait to get these classes happening at the Studio - to help kids & teenagers learn about their bodies anatomically & about how to move, strengthen, release & stretch! A great way to increase kids' confidence in their own unique body - we are all so different but let's embrace this. Pilates is for anyone & everyone! From strength to proprioception to mindfulness & calming to happy hippos & core strength, these classes will cover all the foundations of Pilates & progressive development.

All Instructors teaching these classes have their Working with Children Check. 10 participants maximum per class.




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