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Alicia Threadgold


   Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (NPT)

  Certificate IV in Dance 

Alicia was introduced to the method of Pilates during her time as a full time dancer at Patrick Studios Australia. One of Alicia’s greatest loves is performing. During her time as a dancer she had the opportunity to perform for Crown Casino, major corporate events including Kmart and Schwarzkopf, major Nightclubs around Melbourne, Las Vegas HHI Competition (with Competitive Hip Hop Dance Crew – A2D) and Australia’s Got Talent (with Competitive Hip Hop Dance Crew – A2D). She has also taught many forms of dance including Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Tap. 

Alicia’s love for movement and mindfulness was what drew her to Pilates. After experiencing Pilates for injury prevention while dancing full time, she found it offered a unique movement experience that left her feeling euphoric. 

Alicia also views Pilates as form of meditation. She feels having the mind body connection needed during Pilates creates a sense of staying present and in the moment, in comparison to the usual fast paced environment we experience in day to day life. She also loved the endless repertoire from Pilates that gives her the freedom to keep the creativity from dance and tie it into Pilates movement through flow, variations and choreography.  

Alicia has a deep passion for helping people both mentally and physically, creating a positive space for people to feel comfortable to explore and experience how wonderful our bodies are designed to feel. 


"Gorgeous Alicia is a young, vibrant, enthusiastic & extremely dedicated Pilates Instructor who has done countless hours of shadow teaching after observation with me at the Studio. She is such a hard, diligent worker who I feel will continue to thrive in this career. Apart from being someone you warm to the moment you meet her, she will also strive to perfect her classes whilst helping her clients achieve their optimum & I count my lucky starts that I have such a sweet, kind & caring person who will work the clients she sees week in week out exactly how they need to be, at the Studio. A popular Instructor & petite treasure with an exuberance that shines through. My little gem."




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