Pre-Pointe Assessments


In conjunction with Danni's past career as a professional dancer & her utmost concern + further studies into understanding the anatomical & physiological aspects needed to perfect the dancer's body & technique before starting èn pointe, she would like to share her knowledge, understanding & passion with personalised programs for the young aspiring dancer.


Going onto pointe is an exciting time in a dancer's life but a crucial time in relation to making sure this process is safe & injury-free. To guarantee this progression is smooth, Danni will work with your dance teacher to ensure an effective transition.


More than just having strong feet & ankles!


In your Pre-Pointe Assessment, Danni will assess & review your posture and facilities from head to toe to ensure a perfectly aligned, strong progression onto pointe is achieved;


  • Posture Analysis

  • Turnout Range - hips & lower legs.

  • Foot + Ankle Strength, stability & mobility.

  • Knee strength - VMO, Glute awareness, hyperextension, flexibility tests.

  • Core Stability

  • Strength

  • Classical Ballet Technique

  • Use of Pilates Equipment to examine muscle recruitment & strength to aid in proper muscle development & balance through the body.


After your initial consultation, students can decide on whether they want to continue with private sessions, come with a buddy & do a duo session or join a 4:1 studio equipment group session.


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